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AS1: Reflection (up to 1500 words + 10% allowance)
Using a chosen model of reflection (see below), you should produce a reflective account analysing how you approached and carried out your simulation and have learned from the feedback received. The word count is up to 1500 words with extra 10% allowance. Any words exceeding this will not be marked.
NPR2067 Reflection Assignment-Northampton University UK.

In this account you are expected to appraise how you organised and planned the simulated discussion with your practice supervisor (PR1). You should consider appropriate professional values that were demonstrated and discuss potential tensions in these. You will reflect on your feedback exploring key areas of learning and discuss how and why you will take these forward in your practice.

The reflection is graded using the undergraduate grading criteria against how well you achieve the module learning outcomes a, b, e, f.

When writing your reflection, you need to:

  • Choose a model of reflection, either Gibbs (1988) or Driscoll (Borton), (2007). Introduce the model you will use to structure your reflection and give the rationale for your choice (LO b).
  • Appraise how you organised yourself for your simulation. Consider for example, the development of your knowledge, your planning, the resources required, and the leadership skills you demonstrate (LO a).
  • Analyse the feedback you received from the assessment. Identify and discuss key areas of learning and how and why you will take these forward in your practice (LO b and e).
  • Explore professional values (for example The Code (NMC,2018) and the 6 C’s, (NHS England 2014) that you demonstrated in the simulation and identify where there may have been potential areas of tension, when using the approach to support the service user (LO f).
  • Use the Harvard referencing system to reference the evidence base supporting your understanding and decisions. The reference list is not included in the word count. (LO a).

General Advice
Do use ‘I’ when reflecting as it is about your own practice, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. At level 5 you should also consider the thoughts and feelings of others .
Follow the Harvard Referencing system for this piece of work.
Use an 11 or 12-point size font.
Use a clear font such as Verdana or Arial.

1.5 line spacing
Double spacing between paragraphs
Student number and page number to be included on every page (use a footer). Do not identify your name on you submission.

Do not use contractions in an academic piece of work e.g. don’t wouldn’t couldn’t

Do not use colloquial language in an academic piece of work e.g. I was really fed up, doing my head in etc.

Do link the evidence that you are referencing to your practice to enhance the discussion of how well you think you did.

Words up to 10% above the word count will be marked. To pass all Learning Outcomes must be met.

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