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Mar 31, 2023

This assignment is an adapted literature review. It aims to assess your ability to conduct the main components of a comprehensive/ methodical literature review but due to constraints (time and word count) it has been reduced to the components above. Hence, you can gain valuable insight into what is required for the assignment from published literature / systematic reviews and guidelines e.g. in the recommended core text BUT you need to be aware that this is not a full literature review.
NS5103 Critical Appraisal Literature Review Assignment-Trinity College Dublin Ireland.

Section 1: Components of the Critical Review
1.Submission Sheet / Title page
2.Abstract and Introduction
3.Search Method / Search Strategy
4.Table of Evidence
5.Critical Appraisal of two papers
6.Reference List

Section 2: Purpose of a Literature Review
The purpose of a literature review is to:
1.Enable the student to develop skills to search, read, interpret and summarize the literature on a particular subject.
2.Enable the student to select a topic; the focus of the topic should be related to a nursing/midwifery issue.
3.Determine what is known and not known about a subject, concept or problem in the area of nursing/midwifery
4.Determine gaps, consistencies and inconsistencies in the literature about a subject, concept or problem.
5.Describe the strengths and weaknesses of designs, methods of inquiry and
instruments used in earlier works.
6.Discover conceptual traditions used to examine problems. 4
7.Generate useful research questions/projects/activities for the discipline.
8.Determine an appropriate research design to answer the research question.
9.Determine the need for replication of a well-designed study or refinement of a study.
10.Promote development of protocols and policies related to nursing practice.
11.Identify a new practice intervention, or provide evidence for changing a practice intervention.
12.Enable the student to develop a research question and/or provide discussion on the relevance of the literature review findings to nursing/midwifery practice in a UK context.

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