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May 01, 2023


The essential part of the health care system is referred to as nursing which incorporates promotion of health, caring to provide to personally who is physically unwell and illness of every individual is prevented. Nursing provides care to every kind of community that includes individuals from any age group, community, disabled person, families and person in a critical situation. There is a basic education that is recognized as a study program to be required for becoming a nurse. The nurses had to get registered under the health care provision established by the United States [1].

Nurses help in coordination with the health care team for the patient care, the team includes therapists, dietitians and medical practitioners. They also independently provide care by acting as nursing professionals. The work of registered nurses is to promote health, help patients and prevent diseases. They also develop as well as manage nursing care plans, proper care to families and instruct patients to improve their health. They are referred to as advocates for the patients.

Nursing is considered as both arts as well as science same as like a heart as well as mind. There is fundamental respect that nurses have towards humans and their needs through which it is regarded as a heart. This thing is supported in the form of care provided to the patient through the use of the mind as it involves a procedure of learning. As nurses have to take education for learning the types of diseases. Nurses make sure that every patient receives the best possible care which shows their caring nature towards patients [2].

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