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May 01, 2023



In research, it has been found that In the United States, the chief causes of demise are due to medical errors. Around 14 per cent of patients are becoming the victim of such medical errors. Medical errors in the health care system can occur at any hospital, nursing home, surgery centres and pharmacy (Gupta et al., 2019). The most common error observed in the health care system is medication error, sparse monitoring after a procedure and, technical medical errors. In various studies, it has been found that children are at higher risk of encountering medication errors. They are at risk because of insufficient communication with the medical professional at hospitals and the health care system. Medication errors generally occur due to wrong medication, dose omission and inaccuracy in administration techniques. Bahrain country of the Middle East has reported most cases of Medication errors; the omission prescription was at the top and has been reported as 89.28 per cent of medication errors. Sometimes unfavourable drug reactions might occur in the body, which may lead to the death of the patients (Ottosen et al., 2018). The most common error is ill-suited medication use, and the medication errors can occur at any stage of the process; in these kinds of activities, medical professionals such as nurses and physicians are involved. Wrong and inappropriate dosage is given to the wrong patient, a leading cause of medication errors in the medical field. Communication-related issues cause most medication errors; some difficulties generally involve illegible and misinterpreted medication (Manias et al., 2019). Scope of this trend will assist in the different health systems, these are: medications are available from health care providers all around the world. However, with increased drug use comes an increased chance of side effects (Erlewein et al., 2018). This is exacerbated by the necessity to prescribe for an ageing population with a growing number of chronic diseases—sophisticated medical needs and the launch of a slew of new drugs. In primary care, these challenges are very important. In many circumstances, the prescription is a difficult task (Szilagyi et al., 2021). Those started in general care, and those started in hospitals can both be continued in the primary care setting.

Common Causes Of Medical Errors

There are different kinds of issues related to medical errors in health care issues. Some examples of these errors in medical health care systems are communication problems, inadequate information, human problems, patient-related problems, technical problems, staff patterns, and workflow (Senders, 2018). In research, it has been found that nursing communication measures any hospital or health care system`s rating.


The communication of nurses with patients is vital to finding out the actual problem. It also supports building a relationship with patients to avoid medication errors. The best practices involved in communication with a patient require communication boards, roundings, and respect. Nursing communication is an important factor that helps make the culture and courtesy that a patient expects (Park et al., 2018).

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