NURS1140: Ottawa Charter and Health Education Video Presentation – Medical Science assignment Help

Course Learning Outcomes Assessed

This assessment supports the following learning outcomes:

  • CLO1 Identify and describe models of primary and community nursing practice
  • CLO3 Develop resources and skill to understand multicultural health care needs in assessment and intervention
  • CLO6 Analyse the concepts of health promotion and education that guide nurses in primary care practice and activity

Assessment Tasks

Suggestions on how to get started

  1. Review the health concern from your last assignment and brainstorm in your group ways that a health promotion initiative could address this.
  2. Plan the health promotion initiative and consider how you will develop the educational video
  3. Write down your five action areas and examples of how these are addressed in your health promotion initiative
  4. Decide on who is going to narrate each part, write the script, create PowerPoint, do reflection, compile all documents and submit to Canvas
  5. Do a run through making sure the timing and sound is good. The general rule for presentations is about 100-200 words spoken per minute.

Part 1 of the video

Describe the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health promotion and provide examples of how each of these areas can be addressed by the health promotion initiative you have developed to address the public health issue in your community. You will need to mention how you will evaluate this initiative.

  • Provide a short introduction to the team and topic, keep this short and concise.
  • Briefly explain why you chose this particular issue from your community health needs assessment (Assignment 1)
  • Outline the health promotion initiative using contemporary data and rationale
  • Demonstrate use of the five action statements of Ottawa Charter in your health promotion initiative
  • Discuss how the initiative will be evaluated with time frames
  • Conclude with a summary and a separate reference slide
  • Use voice over powerpoint slides with a maximum of 8 slides excluding an introduction slide and reference slide
  • On the introduction slide include all group members and who contributed to which part of the video.

Part 2 of the video

An educational video to engage and educate your chosen community. You can share a concept or skill with your audience relating to your health promotion initiative.

You will need to discuss an educational goal of the video and mention who is your target group

  • This format is different than Part 1. It needs to be animation or live-action or screen cast and be 5 minutes =/- 1 minute. You cannot use power-point for this part.
  • UTAS has some excellent practical guides on making action
  • Check the video quality, the audio is clear as poor quality will reduce your mark
  • The video should be informative and engaging and be appropriate for your chosen audience (consider language, culture and health literacy)

Part 3 Do a short reflection on your experience (3-4 minutes)

At the end of the video give a very short reflection on what you have learnt about:

  • working with people from other cultural backgrounds
  • How your group resolved any issues or conflict whilst working on this project.
  • What have you learnt about health promotion in the community
  • How will this experience affect your future nursing practice

This can be done by one group member or all of you – just remember time limit

Make sure you compile all the documents and videos with one person uploading them to Canvas before the due date

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