Nurse burnout and it impact on patient care. I need 4 primary article and i have attached 3 that I had from research

Conduct a review of the literature and critique 4 primary-source, peer-reviewed, quantitative or qualitative journal articles that address your clinical problem and a potential practice change or potential research proposal. This section of the paper consists of 5-10 pages. Page length is determined by the complexity of the problem, the number of variables and the need to examine separate variables and bodies of literature (Cinahl, Medline, Psych abstracts, Sociology literature, and literature). Remember that you are confining your Literature Review to four (4) full length, primary source, peer-reviewed articles—no abstracts, synopses/overviews of research, systematic reviews, or secondary sources please (this includes meta-analyses). The research articles should be primarily from nursing journals, with research conducted in the United States, and should relate directly to your problem.

You must submit your revised references for topic chart as part of this paper, as an appendix. The appendix goes after the reference list. The References for Topic chart does not need a separate reference list or information about how the chart applies to your topic, this should have been sufficiently covered in the review of the literature .

Introduce your Review of Literature stating that your purpose is to review selected literature pertinent to (your chosen area of interest). Use an introductory paragraph for this. Then, use separate paragraphs to examine what each peer reviewed journal article said about your variable/s of interest. The review of each article is similar to what you have been doing in journal club each week. You should speak to each of the following:
Cite the Authors and date – no need to refer to the title of the article
What was the author’s/authors’ phenomenon of interest?
The type of research design – experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental, survey, etc.?
The sampling methodology utilized?
What are the dependent and the independent variables?
The type of data analysis employed?
The researcher’s/researchers’ findings?
Strengths and weaknesses of the study?
Implications of the findings?
How do the findings of this study relate to the findings of other researchers who explored the same phenomenon?
At the conclusion of your Review of Literature summarize how the findings from all four articles helped to inform you and give guidance toward meaningful, research based practice changes. You must include one – two concluding paragraphs.
Use appropriate APA formatting citing all articles and authors in a Reference List.

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