Nursing Discourse Community

According to John Swells, A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses, understood as basic and assumptions and ways of communicating about those goals. I recently interviewed my aunt about her workplace in the hospital she gave a lot of valuable information. One of the questions I asked was what is it like working in the environment? “Well, I work from 6:45 am to 9:30 pm sometimes even 10 pm depending on how the patients respond.

People come in and out with different reasons each time, and their vulnerability to keep alive which keeps us up, alert and on our toes. We come in and start our rounds every hour on the clock. We present the medical problems and treatment of the patient to the doctor, residents and medical students. Yes, you work on holidays around the clock nonstop, you start to miss your kids if you have any. I didn’t know how much patients and there can have such an impact on you as a person. It hurts to see them when they have passed away and have to tell their loved ones the horrible news. In the end, you will help them recover from their sickness. The salary is okay it averages about 65,000 a year or more also we get paid for holidays. PTO is really good especially if you work for the entire year we can get up to 15 days off and still get paid. You also get the usual vision, dental, and life insurance there are many plans you can choose from.” With that being said I ended the interview.

Nurses fit Swalles definition of a Discourse Community because it’s a big organization. They share common and goals within the environment. it’s to help or better people who are in need. Our nurses are committed to caring for patients with chronic illness, facilitating discharge planning, providing care and education. For example, nurses check patient’s’ heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature as you can see in my interview there are many stressful things when becoming a nurse. Safety is important especially in the hospital environment, Doctors’ offices, and similar settings which so essential that the environment is sterile and free of as many germs as possible. Nurses carefully observe their surroundings throughout their shifts and identify potential hazards so they can be dealt with quickly.

They carefully sterilize their materials and follow safety guidelines at all times to minimize the risk of spreading contagions. Usually, nurses look out for hazards, like spills, blocked hallways or unstable patients and visitors. When you are in the nursing field you are never done learning new things about medicine. You always attending meetings, events, and educated courses sponsored by universities. The Lexus of the particular department in the hospital is very different. As far as nurses they have to know certain phrases and terms, It’s the same with doctors. You don’t want to tell a patient that they have the wrong disease, because they will freak out and probably sue you and the hospital for false information. That can start a bad reputation on the hospital and nobody wants that. Learning that different terms can be tough especially if you are new to the medical school. You should study, study, study until you know the terms.

Nurse have four different phrases they communicate in. Orientation phases is when the nurse engages with the patient in treatment meaning they are able to ask questions. This helps them build a relationship and have a good first impression with each other. Identification phase is when the patient start to become an active participant in treatment. Exploitation phase is when the patient starts to take advantage of the nurse’s feedback and take everything into consideration. The last phase would be resolution phase, the patient needs are met and no longer need help. Creating a bond is very important when it comes to the nursing-patient relationship. By having gratitude, kindness, and companionship it forms a trusting and more comfortable bond with the patient in need.

If you don’t have a good bond with your patient then the treatment would not go as planned. As you can see the Lexus of hospitals is very important. When it comes to training everyone is required to train when becoming of nurse or doctor.Nursing activities include treatment, education, support, and therapeutic management to promote health within interpersonal relationships. The goal of nursing is to help individuals, families, groups, and communities to reach an optimum state of well-being by restoring, maintaining, and promoting their health. Training starts usually in college during your internship at a hospital. Sometimes in high school, if they have the right classes for it. There are many programs generally offer a doctor of medicine which takes four years to complete.

The main environment will be the hospital, during the last years of your M.D training you will work with your residents and take lead in examinations and diagnostics. Hospitals based programs are for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies. Through the program, you may gain hands-on experience to better your career. When you are a resident, meaning you graduate from medical school and passed the license examination. You are able to lead new interns in rounds. By being able to lead interns it not will only better them it will better you into becoming a better doctor or nurse in the field of medical institutions. In order to be able to get in training, you have to have an associate degree in nursing, a diploma in registered nursing, and a bachelor of science in nursing.

The associate degree provides a great learning experience and hands-on training preparing them for entry-level positions. Registered nurse diploma takes approximately 3-4 years to complete, and the program consists of 120-123 credits. Bachelor of science in nursing cover coursework and real-world practice which typically takes 3-4 years. different medical settings use different types of procedures from each other, having a goal of an RN in a new environment should be that she or she should familiarize herself with the best practices specific to that facility.

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