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Aug 29, 2023

Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage

Assignment A

You will participate in a business simulation exercise ("Business Simulation") based on the European Car Industry. The purpose of the exercise is to give you the opportunity to use the learning from the four functional areas (marketing, finance, human resources and operations management) to simulate the setting up and running of a business which is competing for market share.

In Week 5, you will attend an introductory lecture which will explain the objectives of the simulation and the process for making decisions. In the Busines Simulation seminars, you will be divided into teams of 5-6 students. Each team has to set up a car manufacturing company, design two cars and sell these to the market. The teams within each seminar group will compete with one another for market share. The objective for each team is to maximise the shareholder value of their company at the end of four decision rounds.

Assignment B

1. Front page, with your name, ID, Seminar Group number, Team number and word count.

2. Contents (with page numbers)

3. Introduction: A brief (maximum 50 words) statement of the business objectives (from Assignment A) and a brief (maximum 100 words) summary of the company performance during the game and how far you succeeded in meeting the business objectives; a table showing total sales, total unsold stock, shareholder funds, closing bank balance and outstanding loan at the end of each of the four rounds. These figures should be in £m, to the nearest £1 million.

4. Company Performance: A clear analysis and explanation (2000 words) of what happened during the game supported by graphs/tables of key financial and non-financial data for the company.

5. Learning: A critical reflection (2000 words) on how the team used the financial, marketing, operations and human resources management material taught during the semester to make responsible business decisions affecting at least one stakeholder group internal to the organisation and at least one stakeholder group external to the organisation.

6. Conclusion: An evaluation (150 words) of the extent to which your organisation met the key strategic objectives set out in part 3 above, with an indication for the reasons these objectives were fully met, partially met or not met at all.

7. Team Performance: A critical evaluation (700 words) of the performance of the team and a personal reflection on your role in the team

8. References: Remember that all sources cited in the assignment should appear in the reference list.

Assignment C
Provide an individual (1500 words) critical evaluation of the organization sustainability and CSR, alongside the financial performance, of a major international corporation of your choice.

Attachment:- Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage.rar

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