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May 26, 2023

APU Cafeteria Ordering System


The assignment is to design and implement an APU Cafeteria Ordering System (ACBS). This expected system is for the cafeteria managers to handle end user registration, to update the menu, and to view the payment & feedback. Besides, the system is also for the customers to create and check their individual orders and to make payment & provide feedback at the end of each order. In addition, the system is necessarily to be designed and developed using object-oriented approach covering object orientation concepts and principles. Furthermore, a supporting document is required to reflect the design and the implementation details demonstrating the object-oriented programming concepts and their code samples.


Develop the practical ability to describe, justify, and implement an Object-oriented system.


At the end of this coursework, you should be able to:

  • Implement a software application that exploits the strength of object-oriented paradigm (C6, PL02)
  • Demonstrate the use of object oriented concepts and their functionalities in the existing system (A3, PL05)


Group Assignment (2 in a group); each member is expected to complete 50% functional requirements.


This coursework requires students to identify a business domain for a cafeteria. Construct a software solution using an object-oriented programming paradigm to support user registration, create and check orders, payment collection, and feedback after each order has been completed. The target users of the system are managers and customers. The developed system should achieve the following requirements but not limited to:

  • System login records for authentication and authorisation process.
  • Manage end-user information and their roles for access control.
  • Manage customer registration and ordering.
  • Manage payment collection and feedback after each order has been completed.
  • Generate analysed reports for management members

With the aforementioned requirements, you are expected to analyse a business domain pertaining to a cafeteria. All the information must be saved in text file. Apart from these, the general settings and data configuration as well as fundamental functions are included to facilitate the end users.

You are also required to identify the relationship among the entities and also develop the necessary methods needed to fulfil the requirements of the expected systems.

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