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May 26, 2023

COURSEWORK TITLE APU Cafeteria Ordering System

COURSEWORK OVERVIEW & DESCRIPTION The task is to devise and execute an APU Cafeteria Ordering System (ACBS) catering to the needs of cafeteria managers, who will handle end user registration, menu updates, and view payment & feedback. Additionally, the system is designed for customers to place and review individual orders, make payments, and provide feedback post-order completion. The system must be developed using an object-oriented approach, covering object orientation concepts and principles. Furthermore, a supporting document is required to illustrate the design and implementation details, showcasing object-oriented programming concepts and their code samples.

OBJECTIVE OF THIS COURSEWORK Foster the practical ability to articulate, justify, and execute an Object-oriented system.

LEARNING OUTCOME Upon completion of this coursework, students should be adept at:

Implementing a software application leveraging the strengths of the object-oriented paradigm (C6, PL02) Demonstrating the utilization of object-oriented concepts and functionalities within the existing system (A3, PL05)

TYPE Group Assignment (2 members per group); each member responsible for 50% of the functional requirements.

COURSEWORK DESCRIPTION This assignment entails identifying a business domain for a cafeteria and crafting a software solution utilizing an object-oriented programming paradigm. The solution should support user registration, order creation and checking, payment collection, and feedback post-order completion. The system`s target users encompass managers and customers. The developed system is expected to meet requirements including, but not limited to:

Maintaining system login records for authentication and authorization. Managing end-user information and their roles for access control. Handling customer registration and ordering. Overseeing payment collection and feedback post-order completion. Generating analyzed reports for management. All data must be stored in text files. Additionally, fundamental functions and general settings, along with data configuration, should be included to aid end users.

Furthermore, students must identify the relationships among entities and develop necessary methods to fulfill the system`s requirements.

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