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Sep 25, 2023

A student class has the following properties: Data Member Sample Data ID 2345, 4001 scores 56, 87, 0, 70 grade ‘A’, ‘B’. Methods public int getId() return the id of student. The default id of the student is 0. public int getScore() return score of a student. The default score is 0. public void setId(int id) set the id of the student. public void setScore(int sc) set the score of a student. public void set grade(char G) set the grade of a student. public char check grade() check the grade based on the score table below Score Grade 76-100 A 60-75 B 45-59 C 35-44 D 20-34 E 0-19 F

1) Write a class definition for the Student class.

2) Write an application :

a) Write a statement to declare and create an object for a student

b) Input all the information.

c) Count the number of students who get E and F and store them in the variable numFail.

d) Loop the process using sentinel controlled loop e) Display numFail.

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