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May 01, 2023


Analysis Of Business Practice

Global Market Gap

In regards to management of operations and that of employees there is an absence of scalability. While operating within the worldwide market, it requires an HR of an organization to practice as such that can help highlight the possible issues being encountered by the employees and thereupon be need to be resolved. As such, when operating in the global market, it requires identifying the concerns of employees while seeing to solve it and thereupon prevent possible outcomes. In consequence it helps in smoothing out operations. In regards to Nimble Storage, the policies of HR do not seem as proactive as it attracts employees from various regions while singling them out. If the organizational interest is exerted towards employees they are more likely to apply wherein the policies of HR expresses how the organization will seem to provide benefits as well as rewards for its employees which tends to be a motivational attribute. Furthermore, it can help implement a flexible culture that reflects on factors like motivation and employees which do not seem to be incorporated in the HR practices of Nimble Storage. Geocentric perspective showcases the gap existing in the status quo of the HR wherein with the ongoing worldwide changes Nimble requires showcasing its organizational ability of dealing with challenges. By altering the organizational leave policy, employees tends to exhibit favorable likeness among the employees which is due to the rate of attrition being exerted towards employee’s retention. HRIS also known as Human Resource Information System among worldwide companies tends to be a factor which in the correspondence with the relevant case do not seem to be mentioned in regards to usage of technological HR toolsets and therefore can be assumed as the part that has been lacking. While the HRIS system helps in promoting transparency it provides available information to the employees.

Geocentric Pursuit And Gains

Global connectivity, benefits and recruiting are aspects that are required by an organization as it offers the focus upon exerting a geocentric approach (McPhail et al., 2012). An international level of management requires a mindset that takes global scale into consideration. Geocentric entails as the global advantage being offered to organizations with its global approach offered to the industries that offers advantage due to its provision of suitable sources best skills while operating within the global scale. Customers across the globe are targeted through cross cultural exposure that further widens the geocentric approach while analyzing the time zones and observing the customers embedded within it. Customers are able to avail better services if the customer service is placed within the same time zone that further contributes towards meeting their needs. As much global ideas tend to provide more options at a regional scope, utilizing the geocentric approach can help provide satisfaction to the customers (McPhail et al., 2012).

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