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Mar 28, 2023

Social Network Analysis (SNA) allows you to understand the structure of relationships between people and organization, its drivers, and its consequences. It enables you to explore how ideas or behaviour spread and explain why individuals or teams with specific patterns of relationships do better than others. OLET2346 Social Network Analysis Principles will help students understand the fundamental principles of network research thinking, developing their network literacy required for success in an increasingly connected world characterized by an abundant source of diverse information. This unit will enhance students` understanding of diverse network structures, concepts of network centrality, network diffusion and how social networks can be leveraged or can hinder the delivery of desired real-world outcomes. This OLE will require an estimated 50 hours of course learning content, practical formative exercises and assessments. Graduates of this unit are expected to develop Interdisciplinary effectiveness, Digital literacy, Influence, Broader Skills, Depth of Disciplinary expertise.


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