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Assignment Task

About this Assignment

  • This Workplace Observation Assessment will compile evidence of your ability to:
  • Prepare a work plan according to organisational requirements and work objectives
  • Use business technology to schedule, prioritise and monitor completion of tasks in a work plan
  • Assess and prioritise own workload and deal with contingencies
  • Monitor and assess personal performance against job role requirements by seeking feedback from colleagues and clients
  • Identify personal development needs and access, complete and record skill development and learning.
  • To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
  • Outline key provisions of legislation that relate to own work role
  • Describe goals, objectives or key performance indicators of own work role
  • Explain ways to elicit, analyse and interpret feedback when communicating with other people in the workplace
  • Explain the principles and techniques of goal setting, measuring performance, time management and personal assessment of learning and development needs
  • Explain signs and sources of stress and strategies to deal with stress in the workplace
  • Identify methods to identify and prioritise personal learning needs


1. Overview

For this part of the assessment, you will be developing a work plan and using an electronic calendar to schedule your workplace tasks.


  • Develop a work plan relevant to the workplace and the role you are performing during work placement – see the plan template below, with example response provided.
  • Your plan must include a minimum of five different work tasks over a period of one week. For each task, you must include one contingency to be implemented if things go wrong.
  • You must also use an electronic calendar such as Microsoft Outlook to schedule the tasks you need to perform and record when they are completed.

2. Overview

For this part of the assessment, you will be completing a self-assessment form to review your work performance during your placement, including how you have managed workplace stress.


  • Complete the attached self-assessment form to review your work performance during your placement, including how you have managed workplace stress.
  • When completed, ask both your supervisor and a customer/patient to review your responses and provide you with feedback on your work performance – a section for each person is provided on the self-assessment form.
  • Evaluate your supervisor and customer/patient’s feedback to ensure it is constructive and relevant to your goals and those of the work group and identify a minimum of two areas where you can improve your work performance.
  • Your self-assessment, with supervisor and customer/patient’s feedback and your completed evaluation, must be submitted to Foundation Education with this work placement logbook.

Task resource requirements

  • Complete self assessment
  • Feedback from customer/patient and supervisor

 Response with  "Yes or NO"

  • Am I performing to workplace standards and expectations?
  • Am I achieving the key performance indicators of my role?
  • Are there areas in which I can improve?
  • Do I consistently comply with legislation and work policies and procedures?
  • Am I on track to achieve my future goals?
  • Could I add any goals?
  • Do I communicate and work well with others to complete workgroup action plans?
  • Do I receive feedback from my supervisor?
  • Do I receive feedback from my colleagues and customers/patients?
  • Do I manage my time well?
  • Am I experiencing work-related stress?
  • Am I aware of available stress supports and resolution strategies?
  • What are the sources of stress that can affect my work?
  • What are the signs that I am feeling stressed at work?
  • What impact does a higher level of work stress have on my personal wellbeing
  • What stress support and stress resolution strategies have I used to help me perform my work?

3. Overview

This tasks is a reflection of the last week of work placement and communication of issues found to your supervisor via email.


  • Reflect on the last week of your work placement and identify a minimum of two quality issues you identified in relation to the products and/or services offered at your workplace.
  • Write an email reporting the issues to your supervisor, using clear and objective language to describe each issue (e.g. what was wrong, impact on customers/patients, ways the issues may be addressed).
  • Your email must be submitted to your MyeCampus as evidence for this assessment.

4. Overview

Continuous improvement and personal learning and professional development recognition.


  • Use the two areas for improvement you identified in Task 2 as the basis for organising and attending two personal learning and professional development opportunities.
  • You must work with your supervisor and work group to identify, prioritise and plan the two activities. A meeting minutes template is provided – see below.
  • You must then attend and record details of the two activities. Suitable activities may be induction and in-house training sessions, web-based training/webinars, formal training opportunities and job shadowing/job rotation. A summary sheet is provided.
  • Lastly, you must use formal and informal feedback to identify your future learning needs. A summary sheet is provided.
  • Your meeting minutes and summary sheet must be submitted to your MyeCampus as evidence for this assessment.

Resource Requirements

  • Meeting minutes template
  • Summary sheet- Personal and professional devleopment opportunites

5. Observation Checklist

This task assesses how you organised personal work priorities and development during your work placement and as evidenced in the above four (4) tasks.

To complete this

  • Read each task to prepare for each observation as listed in the tool
  • If you are unable to demonstrate the performance successfully, you will be provided with feedback and further opportunities to do so
  • Sign and date this page once all performance tasks have been completed to industry standards
  • Submit these documents to be reviewed and assessed by your trainer and assessor

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