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May 18, 2023
    • Organisational behaviour can be termed as the investigation of the behaviour of human beings in various settings of organisation. Organisational behaviour can be divided into three parts namely, the employees in the form at the micro-level, the groups or teams for work at the macro-level and the behaviour of organisations at the macro-level. The main aim of the principles of organisational behaviour is to improve the efficiency of the organisation.

      The investigation of organisational behaviour involves enhancing the performance of employees, enhancing the satisfaction they derive from the job they do, endorsing innovation along with motivating leadership. Every aspect or organisation has its own method of analysis.


      1. In this organizational behaviour assignment, discuss and evaluate ONE Management Theory that contributes to workplace efficiency improvement.
      2. Give an example of how this specific theory enhances:
        i. Communication
        ii. Improvement in teamwork,


        iii. High-performance culture.
        iv. Motivating leadership and
        v. Employees satisfaction
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