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May 08, 2023
  1. Part 1 – Four SourcesTurn in four sources, one per post, and a two paragraph summary of each source.Sources that discuss the legal principles of your topic in depth (another textbook, for example – there are several on reserve at the Chabot Library, a legal dictionary, law journal, or a book on your topic) (2 sources)One recent (within the past 2 years) source from a magazine that discusses the implications of your topic for business. That source can be a business magazine or legal journal (the online editions of printed magazines are acceptable sources; purely online sources are NOT). (1 source)One relevant case – a published appellate course opinion – in the past 10 years that really clarifies the important factors that courts consider when deciding the cases. Example Appellate Court CaseLinks to an external site.. (1 source)Not that you can not use “Internet-only” sources unless they are .gov or .edu or websites. It’s fine to use an online version of a published magazine. Avoid other types of websites, which will not be considered a viable source. Summaries must be in your own words, do not copy from the source.Your first task is to select a topic for your paper from among the following:Product liability: warning defects (aka warning labels)Laws on classification of workers are independent contractors vs. employeesQuid pro quo sexual harassmentIntellectual property – MusicBusiness Contract Law – You can focus on one type of contract if you wishPart 2 – Definition, article, and appellate court caseGroups can earn 5 extra credit pointsMust have 6 to 7 sourcesPages 3 to 3.5, not including citation page, double spacedMLA citations, in-text and citation page in proper formatplease separate part 2 and 3.part 3Continuing the Law ReportIn this part of your law report you will analyze the impact of the law you studied on the company and stakeholders. Just as a reminder, stakeholders are employees, the community around the company, suppliers, customers, and anyone else impacted. Focus on the stakeholders who are most impacted by the law and its potential impact on the company. Don’t forget to look at all sides of the question.
    Submit:Double spaced 2.5 to 3 pages, not including the citation pageMust have 3 sourcesMLA citations, in-text and a citation page in proper formatIn this part you will review the impact of the topic/law on how it impacts businesses, employees, and stakeholders. Example, see both sides. If there is Quid Pro Quo happening, it not only impact the victim experiences, but the other employees moral. How can companies prevent this issue? How are stakeholder impacted, such as the community around, customers, and business to business.All work must be paraphrased, no quotes or copied work


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