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May 12, 2023
You are to read the case R v Perry [2022] SASCA 127 – I have attached it.


The task is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.
You must complete both parts. Part A (recommend word limit: 800 words. Write a case note in response to the following headings.
a) Introduction
b) Material Facts
c) Procedural History
d) Legal Issues
e) Legal Reasoning
f) Orders
Part B is a Critical Analysis of the following statement: ″R V Perry is an attempt to balance punishment, community protection, deterrence, and rehabilitation in the context of criminal sentencing, but it is ultimately unsatisfactorily in its accommodation of the legacy of disadvantage and deprivation faced by many Indigenous offenders.″ Evaluate the above statement using ONE critical legal approach (such as postcolonial, settler-colonial or critical race theory) in so far as it addresses Indigenous people in Australia and their relationship to the Angl-Australian legal system.

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