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May 01, 2023


Telehealth Tool

Various telehealth tools can be used in order to communicate with nurses and physicians to admit the disorders. Nurses and doctors usually communicate through e-mails and phones while using telehealth. A clinician with patients communicates through video and wireless communication for providing better medications. Telehealth apps save time for patients as well for the health care workers, and they can be required in the treatment of some emergency cases to prevent injuries and other issues. It can be carried through using digital services and through video conferencing (Leader 2020). This has become effective in the present situation due to Covid. From 2020 to the present, telemedicine has become more useful in curing patients suffering from a viral infection, and these are getting medications at their homes, so in this way, the spreading of viral diseases can be prevented. It is also safe for doctors to get infected by communicable diseases. Patient satisfaction is also considered as one does not have to visit hospitals (Alarcon et al 2019). Telehealth supports to taking of community through virtual video calling. This app can be used for treating various mental health problems as many more social issues.

Telehealth In Covid-19 Outbreak

Telehealth has emerged as a great tool during COVID-19 Outbreak. Telehealth has become an effective tool in fighting against coronavirus. This app assists in providing care to the public suffering from a disease so that further infection in a community can be stopped by isolating the patients. It has also the potential to prevent direct physical contact with patients. Thus, it has supported in reducing mortality rate in COVID-19 outbreak (Monaghesh & Hajizadeh, 2020). 

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