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Prerequisite Programs

In order to achieve desired outcome, a safe and healthy workplace in a manufacturing company should have a secure environment for living and protect health and wellbeing of the employees. Companies must modify efficient and productive tactics, proper leadership, and involvement to improve the quality of a commodity, healthcare, and safety standards. Employing   such tactics contributes to the company`s hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) and standard operating procedures (GMP). Environmental impact assessment crucial control point is such a well-known management system that is invented to not only perceive but also regulate nutrition safety issues (Saputra & Fatmawat et al. 2022). Businesses are more likely to enhance consumer protection by improving the housing conditions of the production lines appliances, industrial equipment, amenities, as well as general upkeep, corporate governance of specific operating conditions, proper hygiene and basic sanitation, transit, and employee rigorous training to dispense best management practices and conventional hygienic operational processes (Chen & Wang et al. 2021, p.100538).

The organization has never had any necessary systems in place, according to the standard auditing. A pre - requisite program (PRP) can be defined as the basic health and safety conditions and processes required to sustain a high standards of cleanliness all through the food supply chain that is appropriate for the manufacturing, managing, and protection of public health finished goods as well as nutrition security for both human and animal consumption (Manning & Wallace et al. 2019, pp.1770-1792). And while they are tailored and managed separately, requisite initiatives are regarded as necessary variables for the complementary effects they bring to the HACCP system. A certified precondition approach can be integrated into a HACCP framework to help the success of agricultural production (Alkhafaji & Jasim, pp.1605-1624). A solid and very well preparatory approach is required for optimal implementation of a HACCP system.

Accreditation of manufacturers, natural resources, completed goods, labelling requirements criteria, bio control agents, accountability and refund procedures, verification and consulting firms, air and water management programs, and Good Manufacturing Practice are typical precursor programs (GMPs). Good Manufacturing Practices include cleanliness, layout and amenities, pest and disease management, warehousing and transit, as well as basic grooming (Bortoletto & Alcarde et al. 2018, pp.432-443). Insufficient educational schemes and strategies for imparting knowledge on agriculture and food control to manpower, a high labor turnover rate, improved production variants, poor employee transformational leadership strategies, and a complete absence of a well-planned necessary precursor program are the dominant elements impeding the advancement of food manufacturers (Urinov, B.N 2020, p.15).

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