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Apr 10, 2023

Module Code :-  PGBM135
Module Title :-  Global Strategy And Foresight London
Assignment Type :-  Assignment
Introduction :- This module is assessed by two separate assignments:
Assessment 1 – a case study-based coursework Assessment 2 – Infographic and Group Presentation. Details of the assessments are as follows.
Module Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module you will have demonstrated
PGBM135 Global Strategy And Foresight London Assignment – UK

Knowledge :-
K1. That you can critically evaluate the theoretical basis for sources of competitive advantage and evaluate their relevance to practice

K2. That you can critique the relationship between organisational vision strategic objectives intent resources planning and the firm’s environment

K3. That you have an appreciation for the conceptual theories of internationalisation innovation and competitive advantage to different industries and locations

K4. That you can demonstrate critical understanding and application of relevant theories and tools associated with strategic foresight and the need for organisational future orientation

Skills :-
S1 How to review and present their critical knowledge of selected international business strategy and foresight literature
S2. Your ability to evaluate an organisation’s competitive environment analyse its competitive positions and identify its strategic resources capabilities and core competences
S3. Your ability to explore global trends and drivers of change with a pursuit of identifying attractive future markets
S4. How to identify the key resources capabilities and competences for an organisation’s future growth and sustainability
S5. How to use relevant foresight tools to understand and articulate the dynamic nature of a given industry its future trajectory and develop plausible scenarios

PGBM135 Global Strategy And Foresight London Assignment – UK

Assessment 1 (80% weighting)
Case study based Individual coursework with a word guideline of 3000 words plus or minus 10%) to meet learning outcomes K1, K2, K3, S1, S2 and S4.

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