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Mar 29, 2023

The clinical experience program in the undergraduate Pharmacy programs reflects the contemporary healthcare environment. The placements are carried out at hospital and community pharmacies, and include opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, professional organisations and in rural health settings. By the completion of their course, at least one of those placements will be in a hospital setting. Students can expect that at least one of their placements may be outside of the Sydney metropolitan area, potentially in a rural location. Students must undertake their placements in geographical areas that will provide them with a diverse range of professional experience and can expect to travel up to 90-120 mins to their placement site from their residential address (registered in Sydney Student). Clinical Placements A and B (PHAR3100) is the first of three units of study where students are required to complete a supervised Clinical Placement. This Unit of Study provides students with opportunities to observe and participate in the real­ life applications of the profession under supervision. PHAR3100 allows students to apply the theory and skills that they have learnt through their on ­campus course studies across a variety of professional settings, including but not limited to, community and hospital pharmacy. The overall objectives of the Clinical Placements Program are to familiarise students with their future professional roles and working environments, and to guide them in developing professional skills and behaviours. Students enrolled in PHAR3100 are required to maintain a Portfolio. Students will work on the components of this portfolio in PHAR3100 and across the Clinical Placements Program. Students are expected to attend pre­placement lectures and required to participate in the post-placement Debrief Session. Students are assessed based on their Portfolio submission and their Preceptor Assessment which involves evaluation of their performance, professionalism and behaviour during placement. Before you can attend a placement, you need to have certain clinical placement checks and clearances. The checks can be completed after your enrolment in the course.

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