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Sep 25, 2023

PURPOSE To encourage the recognition of Physics principles taught in class in the everyday world. To connect Physics principles with everyday situations. To identify the misconceptions of Physics in society. PROCESS Recall the 5 units of study in this course:

Dynamics including circular motion/forces Energy & Momentum Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic Fields Wave Nature of Light Modern Physics (Quantum Physics, Relativity) Keep these concepts in mind as you watch movies, videos, TV shows, etc.

You must identify 5 scenes Each scene must be relevant to a specific concept we learned in each unit (1 scene per unit) You must include a clip of the scene with “phake physics” You must identify and describe what about the scene is fake. You must analyze the scene and determine what would happen if real Physics occurred. You must reference specific Physics concepts we learned in class and include a detailed analysis of the situation. Your final product must include:

At least 5 scenes from movies/videos/TV shows that show “phake” Physics Each clip must relate to each unit from the course An analysis of each scene explaining what is wrong with the Physics and why it is wrong An analysis of each scene explaining what would happen if real Physics occurred instead Identifying what specific concepts the scene relates to from the course Hi Ive already made the slides but the issue is I haven’t properly selected 5 of studies to relate to 1. Dynamics including circular motion/forces,

2. Energy & Momentum and Gravitational,

3. Electric and Magnetic Fields

4. Wave Nature of Light

5. Modern Physics (Quantum Physics, Relativity).

Another issue is I do not have enough calculations relating to the topics I have done for each character within each scene.

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