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Jun 27, 2023

Task 1 – Personal Care

Please choose a task that is personal care related; Examples: dental care, dressing, showering, toileting / incontinence care, or hair care.
The activity is chosen – a brief outline of the activity

The rationale for the choice of activity – input from the client regarding the choice of activity

Preparation and implementation-

  • Materials/Space required,
  • Staff Collaboration – discuss with the healthcare team as appropriate,
  • Consideration is given to transport, if applicable,
  • Implementation of activity – evidence of Health & Safety and good hygiene practice throughout activity,
  • Evaluate the activity with particular focus on the benefits to the client; Independence

Dignity and respect,




  • Evaluate your own learning having completed the activity
  • What would you do differently?

This activity should demonstrate the learner’s ability to communicate effectively with the client, verbally and non verbally. There should be strong evidence of the learners interpersonal skills throughout the activity.

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