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Jun 07, 2023
  • Journal Investigation IV


    It is required that you submit your Investigative Journal each week for Modules 4-7 of this course. The journal should be 750-1000 words in length, with the title page not counting towards the minimum word amount. Your journal should follow the APA writing style. Clearly label the sections of your journal so that the instructor knows exactly what topics you are addressing in your discussion.

    Topic: Poverty in Early Childhood

    forward with the efforts to combat poverty in early childhood education
    requires identifying key players who can support the cause, potential partners
    and stakeholders. These key players could be government agencies or
    non-governmental bodies, they may also include community-based groups together
    with parents and educators.
    activities will involve scheduling meetings with potential partners and
    stakeholders, thus providing an opportunity to discuss the findings from the
    research project, present the proposed solution, and solicit feedback and
    support for the proposed solution.
    research paper and proposed solution will be presented to partners and
    stakeholders. This exercise will share the findings from the research project
    and the proposed solution with partners and stakeholders and seeking their
    feedback and support.
    Receive feedback and revise the proposed
    solution, incorporating feedback from partners and stakeholders into the
    proposed solution and refining the proposed solution based on this feedback.

    Investigative Journal
    Today’s date:
    Your name:
    What deliverable was accomplished? What did you discover in the process of interacting with the deliverable(s)?
    Describe your activities this week in relation to completing the pieces of your work plan for the capstone. Provide descriptions/updates for each daily task from your work plan and explain how you accomplished that task.
    What did you learn this week about your topic?
    What ideas do you have for addressing the educational problem you want to solve?
    What new challenges have presented themselves? What is your plan for addressing those challenges?
    Are you on target with your daily plan that you submitted in Week 3? If not, why not?
    Please briefly outline your progress during the current week. Include a narrative summary on the status of your Capstone Project and what specific developments (activities, deliverables, etc.) have taken place this week. Also, indicate whether you are “on track” insofar as your original work plan and Schedule of Deliverables are concerned. If changes are necessary, please provide a brief revised work plan and Schedule of Deliverables and rationale for the changes.

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