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May 02, 2023
Comp Shop Report
Due 10 May by 16:00
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Available 17 Apr at 0:00 – 10 May at 16:00
Your manager was so impressed with your Trend Report, they have asked you to do some research on the accessories category you chose previously, (sunglasses) to compare ASOS’s range with two competitors. Boohoo and H&M. ASOS are interested in the way competitors are using the online channel and so you have been asked to include in your comparison a pure-play internet competitor and one that uses an omnichannel approach.
Your task is, therefore, to prepare a comparative shopping report based on your chosen ASOS accessory category and two competitive brands selling the same accessory (one pure-play and one omnichannel). The accessories category and the two competitive brands must be agreed by the module leader)
Your Comparative Shopping Report should adhere to the following guidelines:
The comp shop needs to be for an accessories category based on the current season, SS23.
The report should be visual, clearly written and informative.
You should compare price, store grading, trend, market, brand values, responsible retailing and range build.
You will also need to interpret direct and indirect comparisons of the above to demonstrate an understanding of the product and its target customer.
A visual report including imagery, infographics and data.
You can submit this report in your choice of format, but it needs to be fully compatible with Canvas in time for the deadline.
The content of the report will be in your own words, but could include paraphrases, quotes and references to published material, documented with in-text citations. See ASK for help with protocol, and advice on referencing:
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