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Nov 10, 2023

Communication Skills for Postgraduate Study

Prepare a research essay on Gender equality in India


Importance of the SDG for the country
Progress towards implementing the SDG*
Barriers towards implementing the SDG

Argument development - Exceeds the expectations of the unit

The thesis statement clearly expresses a critical and complex central argument about the *progress and barriers towards implementing the SDG in the chosen country. The essay very strongly supports the thesis statement with sound evidence.

Introduction and conclusion - The introduction very clearly follows a general to specific structure and logically sets the scene, succinctly states the purpose and scope, and leads up to a very well-articulated thesis statement with no unnecessary points.

The conclusion clearly draws the main ideas very well together, succinctly restates the thesis and expands the scope very well. Well-articulated recommendations and implications for future research evident.

The body paragraphs present a range of different aspects or perspectives in an organised way with well-expressed topic sentences, reasons and examples. Contains very well-considered and useful critical comments. Overall, excellent cohesion.

Synthesis of information
Information from a minimum of 6 or more **credible/
academic sources (including 3 peer-reviewed articles) are well - synthesized in the body paragraphs. Information used from the sources very clearly supports the argument presented.

Referencing and use of sources
A complete, consistent, and accurate reference list is provided for all sources, following the APA 7th edition. The in-text citations accurately match the end-text citations. Paraphrasing of sources is exemplary. A combination of author and information prominent referencing is very skillfully used.

Writing Proficiency
Uses an extensive range of academic vocabulary and topic-specific terms.
Exhibits impeccable clarity and pleasurable readability through precise and creative use of phrases. Displays very well-structured and punctuated sentences, showcasing a variety of sentence types and transition signals. No or very minor issues with grammar and/or punctuation.

For the essay, you must address parts (a) and (b); however, part (c) is optional:
a. Explain the importance of a particular SDGfor your country, or another country you are familiar with
b. Discuss the progress and barriers towards implementing the SDG

c. Critique the SDG itself as it relates to the country or the world (e.g., How relevant or appropriate are

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