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Jun 07, 2023
  • For this assignment, you will prepare a short video or audio podcast on engaging a diverse workforce. Review this week’s resources and any additional sources you select before recording the podcast. Be sure your podcast addresses the best practices for engaging and mentoring a diverse workforce.
    Along with your podcast, include a transcript of the podcast in the weekly submission. You may use any software you like to record your podcast. Instructions for using Kaltura are included in the weekly resources. You can also choose to present a narrated PPT. See instructions on how to Narrate a Slide Show in the LibGuide for this week.
    Be sure you address the following areas as you develop your podcast since they will be used to evaluate your podcast:
    Provide relevant information and establishing a clear purpose that engages the listener.
    Focus on your topic.
    Ensure content is clear, accurate, and relevant to your topic.
    Be sure the podcast has structure and flows logically.
    Ensure technical sound quality exists (volume and clarity).
    Be sure your podcast content is creative.
    Include a brief conclusion that ties together the information in the podcast.
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