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May 20, 2023
Topic- Preparing for incidents of terrorism at the
local Level.
-Students will write
a research paper based on one of the topics below. The paper should include an
overview of the subject and major relevant points relative to economic, social
and/or legal implications or impacts. Moreover, the paper should incorporate
the role of the Saint Leo University core value of Community as it relates to
local response to terrorism (e.g., mutual aid agreements, regionalization
approaches, multi-jurisdictional training or exercises, cross-discipline
training or exercises, interoperable communications, etc)
-The paper has a required minimum length of 2500 words and
must conform to APA style and formatting. This includes a running head, page
numbers, cover page, abstract, introduction, body, summary of findings,
conclusion, in-text citations, and reference page. Non-APA formatted papers
will receive an automatic 25 point reduction. 3 A minimum of five references
are required, with no more than two from Internet sources. Additional grading
criteria will include clarity of presentation, quality of content, mastery of
content, care and attention to detail, organization, originality of
presentation, and the value and interest of the presentation, as well as proper
grammar and punctuation.
-Saint Leo Core Value of Community- We develop
hospitable Christian learning communities wherever we are called to serve. With
mutual trust and respect as the bedrock of our relationships, we foster a spirit
of belonging, unity, and interdependence.

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