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Nov 25, 2021
    • Students will work in teams of five (5) to produce a marketing plan on one brand of the product category researched for Part A. The lecturer will assign the brands to each team. Each team will analyse the current situation, demonstrating an understanding of marketing principles, brand, and product market positioning, with reference to customers and competitors of the brand. In addition, your team will make recommendations for improving the brands performance in the market. You will be assessed as a team based on your ability to demonstrate understanding and application of marketing concepts to a real-life business situation. You will also be assessed on your ability to support your recommendations with primary and secondary research. 

      Further details are on pages 9-10 of your subject outline. There are also two resources below for you to use. Please ensure you use the template as set.

      You will have time in class to work on your group project. Please be respectful of your team members and participate during this time, coming prepared and joining in the discussion.

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