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Oct 22, 2021

Heather Adams, production manager for a Colorado exercise equipment manufacturer, needs to schedule an order for 50 Ultima Steppers, which are to be shipped in week 8. Subscripts indicate quantity required for each parent. Assume lot-for-lot ordering. Below is information about the steppers:

Item Lead time On-Hand Inventory Components
Stepper 2 20 A(1)B(2)C(3)
A 1 10 D(1)F(2)
B 2 30 E(1)F(3)
C 3 10 D(2)E(3)
D 1 15  
E 2 5  
F 2 20  

a) Develop a product structure for Heather.

b) Develop a time-phased structure.

c) Develop a net material requirements plan for F. Pm

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