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May 24, 2023

Reflective Learning on Professional Practice

In the context of professional practice and learning through organization, this reflection will use the Gibbs` or Kolb`s reflective model to assess the first five weeks of the semester. The focus will be on experiences within this module, course materials, and received feedback, drawing upon learning logs and the Personal Development Plan (PDP) for evidence and ideas. Additional sources will be incorporated to support the reflection.

Key Points for Discussion:

  1. Important Learning Insights: Reflect on the most significant learning insights gained during the initial weeks of the semester. Highlight key concepts, skills, or perspectives that have been particularly impactful.

  2. Identification of Strengths and Areas for Improvement: Based on learning logs and the PDP:

    • Identify new strengths that have emerged from the learning experience.
    • Highlight specific areas of work that require improvement or further development.
  3. Next Steps for Development: Choose one area identified for improvement and outline 2 or 3 actionable ideas for its development. Propose strategies or activities to enhance skills or address weaknesses effectively.

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Utilization of Learning Logs and PDP: Demonstrate the application of knowledge gathered from learning logs and the PDP to support reflections and insights.

  2. Clear Identification of Strengths: Clearly articulate identified strengths with examples and references to learning logs and the PDP, integrating both experiential and theoretical perspectives.

  3. Understanding of Areas Needing Development: Display a comprehensive understanding of areas requiring improvement and provide constructive ideas for enhancing skills or addressing challenges.

  4. Presentation and Organization: Ensure clarity and accuracy in presenting work, following recommended structural guidelines and utilizing appropriate personal expression. Adhere to referencing standards, including the London Met Harvard Referencing System, and provide attachments of learning logs and the PDP.

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