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Oct 14, 2023

Assessment - Project - Project on Leading Professional Learning

Deepen their understand of the key responsibility of leadership in schools to deliver quality learning and teaching

Deepen their understand of the alignment between the structure and delivery of curriculum and the delivery of quality learning and teaching as a mean., of attaining the goals of schooling

Deepen their understanding of the alignment between ongoing personal and professional learning formation and growth of staff and the attainment Of set goals in school improver-11cm plans

Deepen their understanding of the role of assessment and data to diagnose student learning. develop teacher practice and comply with curriculum requirements

Analyse and evaluate current workplace policies. practices and procedures in meeting curriculum requirements

Understanding of the question or issue and the key concepts involved

Describe the context
- Outline the mode and time requirements
- Describe the purpose
- Describe the key content to be delivered.

Explain how the key content will be delivered

Describe requirements teachers need to complete prior and after

List the materials needed to facilitate the professional learning

Depth of analysis is and/or critique in response to the task

- Justify the professional learning design and implementation

- Explain how the professional learning will be evaluated

- Alignment between the facilitator guide and the professional development materials being presented.

Task: It has been identified in your school/organisation that teachers` understanding of assessment needs development. As an educational leader, develop a professional learning package that consists of I) a facilitator guide and 2) a professional learning workshop, to improve teachers` understanding of either the purpose of assessment, assessment design, assessment analysis,
or the interpretation of assessment data.

Structure of task: As an educational leader, you need to choose one of the topics below to be the Focus of the professional development. In selecting one of these topics, think about the current needs of your school/organization and the reason why the selected topic needs to be the focus.
1) Purpose of Assessment
2) Assessment design
3) Assessment analysis
4) Interpretation of assessment data

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