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Nov 01, 2023

Question: Based on this scenario provide a business proposal comprised of what`s below:

Executive Summary

Provide a paragraph of 100-200 w that explains (1) the problem, (2) the recommendation, and (3) the justification for your recommendation.


Provide a bulleted list of project objectives. There must be at least three objectives listed.


Provide a paragraph or two that explains the project scope and how you plan to execute the project. Length requirement: 150-250 w.

Human Resources

Provide a list or table of the people needed to work on the project. Include names and their job titles. There must be at least three people in addition to you; remember that you are the consultant, and you are going to hire an IT team. Your project might require testers, legal, or other services. It is acceptable to invent names.


Provide a Gantt chart using either the MS Project or MS Excel Project Planning Template that shows at least 12 major milestones, the specific human resources needed for each milestone, and the timing. Since embedding is not possible, take a screenshot of your Gantt chart to place in your Word document, and submit both the Word document (project proposal) and the Project document (Gantt chart).


Provide the following information in separate tables in this section:

Objects: hardware, cabling, software, or any other tangible items needed, the cost per item, quantity, and total cost. Include hyperlinks (URLs or text links) to the sources that provided this information.
Services: Internet hosting or other services not included as labor costs. This section may not apply to all projects.
Labor: people, cost of labor per hour, estimated number of hours, and total cost. Make sure you include yourself and all others listed in the Human Resources section. Either above or below your tables, provide a total of all costs.
Methods of Communication

Provide a paragraph of 50-100 w that explains all methods of communication (email, phone, written reports, etc.) you intend to use with the client for this project.

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