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Jun 27, 2023

Question 1

  • Provide a visual representation of the volume of sales for all variants across all weeks. Also, provide the summary statistic of the sales volume of each of the variants. The summary statistics should contain a measure of representative sales and measures of spread.
  • Identify the top 4 selling variants among the 13 in the data. Explain your answer and illustrate your answer using a pie chart.

Question 2

  • Provide a correlation table indicating overall relationships between the various prices.
  • Can you identify those variants, whose prices match each other relatively closely? Explain using the correlation table.
  • Please propose methods for detecting and solving multicollinearity.
  • Conduct an exploratory factor analysis of distribution variants and generate an aggregated index (or indices). Please present the results in tables.

Question 3

  • Using the multivariate regression methodology, can you identify which prices directly affect the sales of Variant 2?
  • Interpret the regression results and discuss the model explanation power.
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