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May 12, 2023

While a large part of a board’s role is monitoring the organization’s overall performance, it should also regularly assess its own performance in guiding the organization. A board self-evaluation is a formal assessment of the full board’s functions and ability to work well as a group. In this Discussion, you will analyze the various tools and processes used in board self-evaluations. Review this week’s Learning Resources in preparation for the Discussion. Imagine you are a new executive director to a local nonprofit organization that has not completed a board self-evaluation in more than 4 years because a number of the board members were reluctant about participating in such evaluations. processes used in board self-evaluations.


Post the strategies you might use to help overcome this resistance to self-assessment. Next, provide an explanation to your board about the benefits of a self-evaluation process to them and the organization. Finally, what informal and formal tools and processes would you use in a board self-evaluation, and why?
As you consider your response, conduct research using the course resources and/or other academic/professional peer-reviewed literature. In your post, cite a minimum of 2–4 specific, evidence-based best practices that you might use to create and maintain an effective board self-evaluation process.

Respond to at least two colleagues, applying insights gained from this week’s readings to your responses, as appropriate. In your responses, propose alternative strategies for creating and maintaining an effective self-evaluation process.

Must use at least one resource link below and cite corretly

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