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May 03, 2023
Assessment Task
This assessment requires you to work as a consultant in a small project team to
provide an outline plan for a hypothetical port operating organisation, to enable
the client to develop an Environmental Policy pursuant to the requirements
described in ISO140001. You will present your plan to your ‘client’, highlighting key
issues, challenges, solutions, and potentials. You should draw on your understanding
of sustainability and the techniques and tools to enable sustainable outcomes.
You are required to deliver a recorded 15-minute presentation outlining a plan
and the rationale to assist your client organization in developing an Environmental
Note that for this assessment you are only required to present a top-level plan to
help your client in developing their environmental policy statement. You are not
required to develop any other element of a full management system. You are
however expected to be able to justify your recommendations and proposed plans.
Presentation guidance
Your presentation should highlight the following key elements:
• A clear rationale identifying the need and benefit for your client organization to
develop an environmental policy.
• Highlight key activities and challenges for your client organization with regard
to improving their environmental performance.
• Suggest a framework (with some examples) to enable your client organization to
develop explicit objectives for management, monitoring and improvement.
As a group it is your responsibility to allocate tasks and ensure a fair division of
workload. You may choose to lead specific areas of the assignment, although
there is no requirement for everyone to present and you may choose to nominate a
lead presenter.
The submission is purporting to be a formal presentation from a
professional consultancy so co-operation within your team is essential. Your
presentation should conform to the standards which would be expected of
professional consultants.
On completion of the assessment you will be required to complete a peer
review, see below.

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