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May 24, 2023
Purpose of this Assessment:
The purpose of this paper is for students to demonstrate integrated learning by analyzing and applying
management theories presented in this class to a specific management role within an organization.


Items Required for Submission:
A 5-7 page paper analyzing and applying managerial skills, concepts, and theories to a real-world
company and job posting/description. Note, the 5 – 7 page paper is not including the Title Page and
References. Proper APA (7th edition) standards formatting is required, including in-text citations and

Step ONE: Choose Your Organization and Job Posting/Description
Students will choose and study a company that they are or can become familiar with through research to
understand the details about the culture and structure of the organization. Furthermore, students will
identify connections between the organization and the functions of management by referencing a
current job description from this same organization.

Step TWO: Create Your Outline
Now that you have selected your organization and the job posting that you will analyze, you may want
to look back through the competency content to familiarize yourself with key components of the fundamentals of management. To display your understanding of these key concepts, you will be writing
a paper that will encompass the structure seen below.
Your paper should be structured as follows:
● Title page (not included in the page count)
● Introduction: Within your introduction, you should address the fundamentals and theories of
management and how this relates to the company and a vacant management position (job
● Body: Answer all of the questions listed in Step 2. As you answer the questions, apply critical
thinking skills and reference the job description and your research on the organization, while
incorporating at least three (3) additional scholarly sources (such as readings from the course).
○ Business Overview/Summary
○ Integrated Learning & Application
○ Recommendations
● Conclusion: Synthesize information to draw valid conclusions supported by findings in the
readings for all questions.
● References (not included in the page count).

Step THREE: Complete Your Final Paper
Once you have reviewed the outline above, you should be prepared to start writing your paper. The
details of this paper can be seen below, and you will want to ensure that you have addressed the items
below and the criteria noted in the rubric that follows.
Paper Structure
● The paper should include a clear “Purpose Statement.”
● The introduction explains what the paper is about – the main points of analysis:
○Business Overview
○ Application of Management theories
○ Analysis
● The introduction should give a quick overview of the three to five points of analysis that relate
directly to the remainder of the paper.
Business Overview/Summary
● Overview of your study plan:
○ Describe the organization and the job description that you chose.
○ Explain how and why you selected the organization and the job description.
●Provide the following:
○ History of the organization (timeline and growth rate, number of employees, etc.)
○Company type
○ Industry type (use this tool to discover more about the organizations’ industry) ○
Vision and Mission ○ Where the management job description fits/is located within the organization ○
Title and description of the job description
○ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement or equivalent
Integrated Learning & Application
● Provide examples of functions of management from the job description.
● Connect one major management theory with the functions of the job description.
● Describe ways in which the job description aligns with the organizational mission, vision, and
● What managerial responsibilities support the organizations’ commitment to Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion (DEI) goals.
○ How will this position directly support the organization’s strategy in the DEI initiative?
○What are the ethical responsibilities of the manager as it relates to DEI?
● Discuss three (3) most important management skills a top candidate for this position at this
organization should possess.
● Identify at least one challenge that a new hire will encounter upon starting this job.
● Provide recommendations for improving (i.e what’s missing, or misaligned) this managerial job
description based on the mission, vision, and values of the organization?
● The conclusion of your paper should include a clear and concise recap of the Integrated Learning
and Application section.
○ The conclusion cannot bring in any new ideas!
● Does the conclusion connect with your introduction?
● Does the conclusion highlight the important connections between managerial theories and your
Format & Writing Mechanics
● Ask yourself the following questions when editing your paper:
○ Is the paper interesting?
○ Are all of the words spelled correctly?
○ Are the correct words used?
○ Is the paper well organized and cohesive?
○ Is proper grammar used?
○ Did you cite ALL borrowed and referenced sources? For additional information use the
Academic Integrity policy.
○ Does the paper follow APA Guidelines?
■ Title page
■ Headings (highly recommended)
■ In-Text Citations
■ Reference Page (At least 3 references)

Step FOUR: Complete Checklist for Submission
Before you submit your work, check to see if you have met the criteria noted below. Did you: ✓ Ensure
your paper includes a thesis/introduction statement that provides a purpose to the paper.
✓ Verify your introduction provides an overview of the three to five points of analysis that
relate directly to the remainder of the paper.
✓ Expand on the questions and items to consider related to the Business Overview/Summary
component of the outline above.
✓ Include supporting details and examples related to the company and job description you
selected, including the vision/mission, history, DEI, etc.
✓ Integrate, connect, and apply managerial concepts, theories, and practices to an existing
organization and job posting/description.
✓ Provide thoughtful in-depth consideration of all the questions outlined in the structure
✓ Include recommendations that reflect the proper use of content terminology, identify three
most important managerial skills for the position that are easily identified, define a
challenge a new hire will encounter, and revise the job description.
✓ Synthesize and make connections between the business and management functions in the
✓ Utilize APA formatting and standards guidelines.
✓ Re-read to ensure clear writing mechanics are utilized throughout.
✓ Include at least three references in your References page and integrated as an in-text
citation within the body of the paper.


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