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May 24, 2023

Assessment Objective: This assessment aims to gauge students` grasp of management theories by applying them to a specific managerial role within an organization.

Submission Requirements: A 5-7 page paper analyzing managerial skills, concepts, and theories in the context of a real-world company and job description. Proper APA (7th edition) formatting is mandatory, including citations and references.

Step ONE: Selection of Organization and Job Posting/Description: Students will select a company they are familiar with or can research. They`ll analyze a current job description from this organization to understand its connection with management functions.

Step TWO: Outline Creation: After choosing the organization and job posting, students will outline their paper. This structure includes:

  • Introduction
  • Business Overview/Summary
  • Integrated Learning & Application
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References

Step THREE: Final Paper Composition: Students will commence writing their paper, ensuring to address all outline components and the rubric`s criteria.

Step FOUR: Submission Checklist: Before submission, students must ensure their paper includes a clear purpose statement, an introduction providing an overview of key analysis points, expanded details on the business overview, integration of managerial concepts, thoughtful recommendations, synthesis in the conclusion, APA formatting adherence, and proper writing mechanics.

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