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Mar 31, 2023

AIMS: To recap the experiment and methodology.
Conduct the analysis for the report.To cover what should be written in the report. Go over common feedback from the previous report.
WORD COUNT: 2,000 (+/- 10%)
PSY002-1 Psychology Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK


This experiment explored if naturalistic auditory distraction impeded a choice reaction task:
2 Groups
 Control – No audio distraction
 Experimental – Heard a loop of a three month old baby crying during task
 Participants completed the Deary-Liewald reaction time task
 Specifically we are analysing the Choice Reaction Time Task (CRT)

 Title – You should make your own title. Remember the following…

  • Titles should be informative
  • Not written as a question
  • Should say what you did (Design)
  • Should refer to the IV and DV

 Abstract should be a short concise summary of each section of your report

  • Try to include a sentence or two from each section
  • No requirement for citations
  • No requirement to report anything other than ‘p’ values for results

a.What is distraction (focus auditory)? Why is it important? Think about current working circumstances under COVID restrictions. CITE SOURCES!
b.What research has already been conducted?
c.What studies are similar and different? Discuss these! Compare and Critique
d.Why should more research take place?
e.How could this research benefit the literature/society?
g.“Participants’ who hear the naturalistic auditory distraction will take significantly longer to respond to the choice reaction time task when compared to a control.”
h.Do not feel that you must copy the hypothesis word for word…you may edit it slightly to help it fit in your introduction.

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