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May 12, 2023
In this paper, students are being asked to apply the theories and other concepts from the course to either a personal experience or a recent real-world event/organization/social movement that relates to prejudice, discrimination, and inequality. The student is required to describe and analyze the chosen topic for the research practicum using our course content. The paper must contain the following 1) Theory (s), concept (s), or research study (s) related to your chosen topic. 2) Describe how the theories, concepts, and/or research are connected to the topic. 3) Advocate for a solution or intervention (or multiple) that could address prejudice, discrimination, or inequality going forward.


Papers must be typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Papers must be a minimum of 13 pages and a maximum of 15 (longer papers will not earn you extra credit). References should be cited and listed at the end of the paper in APA style (and are not included in your page minimums).
The major criteria used for grading will be:
•How clearly you communicate your ideas.
•How well you demonstrate an understanding of theories, concepts, research used.
•The plausibility and insightfulness of your analysis: “plausible” in the sense of being both consistent with the theories/research it is derived from and consistent with the facts of the event you choose, “insightful” in the sense that you picked a topic to analyze that has interesting, nonobvious aspects to it and your analysis really adds something to our understanding of the topic.
•The solutions or interventions you propose are feasible and informed by information you have gathered in the class and in your outside research for this paper.
•Formatting, APA style, free of typographical/grammatical/spelling errors

the two options to choose from are bellow.

Describe your event/organization/movement. If you choose to write your paper on recent events, it can be virtually anything that was reported in a newspaper, magazine, TV, or on the internet. Ideally, it would be something that occurred within the last 1-2 years, however, if you can make a case that an older event is still meaningful or relevant today, then you may use it.
If you choose an organization/movement, it can be something broad that comprises many events and participants (e.g., Black Lives Matter; #Metoo), or it can be an organization that works to address inequality in some way (e.g., The rape kit accountability project; Sylvia Rivera Law Center; even something like Planned Parenthood, which provides a service for communities that are underserved).

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