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Apr 04, 2023

Unit title & code: Dissertation PUB010-6
Assignment number and title: 1. Dissertation
Assignment type: Dissertation
Weighting of assignment: 100%
Size or length of assessment: 15,000 to 20,000 words
PUB010-6 Public Health Dissertation Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes:
1.Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
Theoretical and methodological knowledge to design an applied research study in an area of professional and scientific interest.
2.Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
The ability to successfully conduct an applied research study in an ethical manner and to generate innovative findings that can make an impact on population health and well being.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You are required to identify a current public health related research issue in an area of personal or professional interest and write a dissertation of 15,000 to 20,000 words in length, excluding references, bibliography and appendices.

The dissertation provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and abilities you have acquired during the taught element of the degree to develop a substantial research project. You will be expected to draw upon your knowledge and understanding of public health to provide a clear and detailed rationale for your chosen research topic which demonstrates a critical appreciation of relevant literature that has been identified by a systematic and sustained search process. You will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of a research method appropriate to your research aims and objectives and show the skills necessary to undertake ethically compliant research to produce insightful results that are well organised and clearly presented. The discussion of your results should involve a synthesis of your findings with the existing literature and research to demonstrate the fulfilment of your research aims and to provide a critical understanding of their wider policy and practical implications.

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