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Apr 10, 2023

Assessment Title: Community Business Project:Digital transformation of Age UK services
Assessment Number: AE 1
Assessment Type: Individual report
Restrictions on Time/Word Count: 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Individual/Group: Individual
Assessment Weighting: 100%
Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit:
There is no penalty for presenting below the word limit, but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential grade. Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above; if an assignment exceeds the word count, this will be taken in account in the grades given using the assessment criteria
QHO321 Community Business Project Assignment-Solent University UK.

Assessment Task:
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Age UK is facing a number of challenges delivering many of its services and acknowledge that there is a need for transformation of some of these services to a digital delivery format.

In groups of 4 or 5, you will be required to undertake appropriate research and present your initial findings for Formative Assessment 1.

For Formative Assessment 2 you will need to provide an outline of the report structure giving a good indication of what you are going to discuss in each section, including the academic sources you have used

For your summative assessment you will be required to produce an individual report outlining a detailed review of the Age UK which may include the structure, company culture and mission/aims, competitors, market share, products/services,organisational strategy and business challenges. You will also provide reflection on how Age UK could approach the challenges facing them.

Age UK are an independent charity that supports the health and well being of older people living in the city. They offer localised services within their local branch.

Figures reported that there were ‘3.7 million people over 65 having never used the internet’ (AGE UK 2018).

The Covid-19 pandemic has further socially isolated the older generation and has had a devastating impact on their health and well-being. With many of their services suspended due to the pandemic, Age UK is facing many challenges providing their services and engaging with older people.

Challenges facing Age UK:
1.An understanding of the most effective digital medium to reach their target audience, e.g. Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Zoom.

NOTE: Initial focus on younger older adults (approx. 55 – 75 years old) who are more likely to have access to digital devices and sufficient skills and could then act as ambassadors to those aged 75+.

2.Identification of which local services (see table on next page) may be most
suitable, in whole or in part, for transformation to a digital delivery and
solutions to achieve this. Alternatively, identify digital services that are
currently not implemented and would be beneficial for the local AGE UK.

3.Promoting and encouraging engagement with digital services by overcoming the barriers of skills, access and motivation.

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