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Apr 01, 2023

Module Title :- Quality Improvement Project Presentation
Assessment Type :- Assignment
This assignment has two parts:
1. Presentation slides (due end of unit 11, and submitted in the portal below).
2. Live oral presentation (which takes place during unit 12).
Quality Improvement Project Presentation Assignment-UK.

This week you will upload your presentation slides by end of unit 11.

This complete assessment is weighted at 60% of the overall module mark. The presentation must be submitted at the end of unit 11 and presented before the end of Unit 12.

Please note: Failure to submit your slides by end of unit 11 will result in a 5% reduction of your marks as dictated in the grading criteria for this assignment.

Assignment Topic :-
Imagine you are pitching your idea for an infection prevention and control (IPC) quality improvement project to your manager, commissioners or the hospital board. Deliver a 10- minute live presentation which discusses how you identified the quality issue for example analysis of root causes your proposed methodology for conducting the improvement project and your plan to ensure the improvement is sustained in practice including training and evaluation.

You will be able to share your screen and use your webcam to present to the group if you so wish You may wish to use PowerPoint or another slide application and/or provide an electronic hand out (max 2 sides of A4). At the end of your presentation you will need to take questions from the group.

Please note :- 
the 10 minutes you are allocated for the presentation excludes taking questions You will also need to provide a written reference list for all sources referred to in your presentation which you can upload to the submission inbox below.

Key outcomes :-
 Identify and critically analyse a quality problem with reference to key literature.
 Discuss the root cause analysis of the quality issue and how you decided which aspect to focus on.
 Demonstrate consideration in your choice of methodology particularly with regards to the background of quality improvement and relevant guidelines and frame works.
 Identify how you will measure or evaluate the success of the improvement.
 Show consideration of balancing factors and barriers to effective implementation.
 Present a plan for sustaining the quality improvement including details of the proposed training programme.
 Show evidence of broad reading and sensitivity to the quality of evidence.
 Use the Harvard system of referencing consistently and accurately.

Deliver the above in an engaging fluent and articulate manner using skills in presentation and persuasion.

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