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May 08, 2023
  1. Question In this module, you were introduced to the three types of assets that constitute an organization’s information infrastructure, namely critical systems, networks, and data. The three units in this module have addressed these assets individually, highlighting both their functions in an organizational context and their inherent vulnerabilities to cyberattack.It is important for organizations to identify which critical systems, networks, and data take priority when allocating resources to cybersecurity efforts. In this ongoing project submission, you will complete the second part of your risk mitigation strategy, which is to identify an organization’s critical systems, networks, and data, and the potential vulnerabilities that make these three assets vulnerable to attack. Write an analysis of the identified systems, networks, and data by addressing the following points in approximately 400–500 words, with respect to the organization you are focusing on.Focusing on Sony:Please note that your answers to the Sony case study will be assessed according to the sound reasoning you have provided for your interpretation of the organization’s critical assets. In this regard, less emphasis should be placed on the accuracy of Sony’s business details, but rather on your justification of what assets you believe are essential to the organization, and their associated vulnerabilities.Note:All ongoing project submissions need to focus on the same organization you have chosen throughout the course. Or, if you choose to focus on the case study of Sony, you will need to complete all your submissions on Sony accordingly.It is highly recommended that you avoid disclosing any confidential information in your assignments. Although you are encouraged to draw on real-world experience during the course, you are urged to use pseudonyms (false names) and alter any sensitive details or data where necessary. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not disclose any information that is protected by confidentiality undertakings. All information is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.Please read Section 4 of the Honor Code in the Orientation Module course handbook for more guidance.Note: The published word count in each assignment is for satisfactory work – it is the amount of detail, analysis and nuance needed for a satisfactory score according to the rubric. If you exceed the published word count, you will not be penalized. The extra work can improve your grade – up to and including an exceptional score. Your grade is not dependent on the number of words you write. The word count is simply a benchmark for an average level of detail, analysis and nuance, and additional detail and nuance is needed to surpass a Satisfactory grade.You must not only include overall organizational context, but per-question context as well. This context allows the reader to understand what the organization does and which sector it is part of, as well as why each question is important to the organization.Start writing here:


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