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Apr 01, 2023

Aims :  Decision Support Systems, Fundamentals & Application

The aim of the assignments is  to introduce Decision Support Systems, fundamentals and applications. Students will analyse and evaluate key methods and algorithms of decision making and their potential applicability.

Learning Outcomes Assessed
  1. Analyse a problem statement and determine the requirements of various tools and techniques for a project development.
  2. Select and apply a suitable development and algorithmic approach for the nature of theproject.
  3. To critically review the professional, ethical, legal and social issues and security issues.
  4. Communicate advanced information, ideas, problems and their solutions effectively for complex scenarios, in both written and oral form to both specialists andnon-specialists.

Report: “Decision support techniques’’. This activity assesses module learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Individual assignment (Exploration and Presentation)

Question – Decision Support Systems, Fundamentals & Application

This assignment requires a critical review of two popular methods used to analyze a time series, namely Fourier transform and Wavelet transform.

The review will be three A4 pages maximum, excluding the cover page and references. It should contain the answers of the following questions:

  • What is the main methodology of each method in analysing a time series?
  • What types of time series are particularly appropriate for amethod?
  • Why?
  • How the methods are developed to analyzetimeseries?

Marking Criteria

Since the elements above are wide ranging, general criteria are given that are applied as a percentage to each component of the portfolio. In the following, ‘writing’ is understood to apply both to coding and English.

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