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Apr 03, 2023

Aim : Practical Application Of Big Data And Cloud Computing

The aim of this assignment is to introduce a practical application of Big Data and Cloud Computing using a realistic big data problem. Students will implement a solution using an industry leading Cloud computing provider together with appropriate distributed processing environments such as Apache Spark. This will involve the provisioning and configuring of appropriate Cloud Computing resources and the selection of problem appropriate algorithms and visualization methods.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Knowledge & Understanding

LO1.           Apply big data analytic algorithms, including those for visualization and cloud computing techniques to multi-terabyte data sets.

LO2.           Critically assess data analytic and machine learning algorithms to identifythosethatsatisfy given big data problemrequirements

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities

LO3.  Critically evaluate and select appropriate big data analytic algorithms to solve a given problem, considering the processing time available and other aspects of the problem.

LO4.   Design and develop advanced big data applications that integrate with third party cloud computing services

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):

LO5.  Critically assess and interpret primary research to identify its applicability to a given big data problem scenario.

Individual work – Big Data Product: ‘Bicycle Theft’. This activity assesses module learning outcomes 1, 2, & 4.

Individual work – Report: “A Critical Assessment of the Big Data Approach to Crime Analysis.”

This activity assesses module learning outcomes 3, & 5.

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