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May 23, 2023


Please review the following prompt and refer to the instructions video for detailed tips on successfully completing this assignment. Ensure that you cite your sources, indicate the word count at the top of your submission, use Times New Roman font in 12 pt size, and submit your work in the CANVAS text box.

This assignment carries a weight of 50 points and will undergo plagiarism checks using AI software. Make sure to include proper citations for all sources used in your project.

3-Page Research Paper:

For this assignment, you will compose a 3-page research paper. Three pages equates to approximately 1,500 words when single-spaced, using Times New Roman font in 12 pt size, and typed directly into the CANVAS Textbox.

Write a 3-page research paper on a topic that interests you or expand on a subject you have encountered in this course. For instance, consider exploring a particular theory or topic covered in the course material and modules. Potential topics include Mexican Americans in education, Chicanx cinema, music, media, movies, theatre, poetry, art, Mexican food, immigration issues, Aztec Dance, or Chicano Park (conducting investigative research and taking photographs at the park is encouraged).

You might focus on a specific historical period, delve into a prominent figure from the Chicano Movement, examine the works of Chicanx poets or artists, or discuss particular artworks we have studied. Alternatively, explore Chicana/o/x social justice organizations (past or present) and propose solutions to issues raised by Chicana/o/x activists, scholars, or artists. You could also investigate a current issue and contextualize it within its historical framework. If you have a topic in mind that isn`t listed above, feel free to pursue it and email me for approval and guidance before starting your research.

List of potential topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mexican/Chicanx literature, art, cinema, food, traditions, or poetry
  • Immigration issues and the U.S.-Mexican border
  • Racism in American and Mexican social statuses
  • Chicano/a/x Art and Artists
  • Racial labels, identity, and Mexican racial status in the U.S., Anti-Mexican sentiment
  • Gender issues, Chicana feminism, and Chicana/Mexican women
  • Language issues, forced assimilation of Mexicans, language policies (English only) in the U.S.
  • Or any other topic covered in our studies.

Feel free to choose a topic that resonates with you, and don`t hesitate to reach out via email if you have questions about your chosen subject. Submit your topic along with any inquiries for feedback before initiating your research.

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