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Apr 05, 2023

Unit Title :-  Radical Criminology
Length :- 1000 words
Assignment Type :-  Essay 1
The requirement is students select one of the radical criminological theories covered in this module and then apply it to one of the topics covered in one of the following modules.
Radical Criminology Essay 1

Question: Marxist perspectives applied to human trafficking.

This is a theory module you are being assessed on your ability to apply a radical criminological theory.
Your focus should therefore be on the application of the theory itself.

Using the above example your essay will not be about human trafficking it will focus on the application of Marxist perspectives to the topic of human trafficking.

Remember the topic human trafficking is not important. You are being assessed on your ability to APPLY your chosen theory.

Radical Criminology Essay 1

How do I apply a theory?
Theory is simply a & way of seeing
This assessment is asking you to apply a & way of seeing covered in another level 5 criminology module. In applying your chosen radical criminological theory you may (but do not have to) cover the following questions:

1) How useful and persuasive is the theory as an explanatory frame work for
your chosen topic?

2) Has the theory been adapted or does it require adaptation in order to fully explain
your chosen topic? Are there different &strains & of the theory and do these & apply & differently?

3) What underlying assumptions underpin the theory?
For example assumptions about human nature such as voluntarism or determinism.

4) Do these assumptions in turn have implications for the persuasiveness of the theory?

5) Can these limitations be overcome?

6) What policy flows from the theory?

7) Are you able to give examples of these policy implications such as case studies?

8) How effective is the policy?

How will my work be assessed?

a research article in a scientific journal (see details below), and should be submitted via BREO only.

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