RECE9142: You Will Find Enclosed A Priced Bill Of Quantities And Drawings For A Community: Commercial Surveying Coursework, TUD, Ireland


You will find enclosed a priced bill of quantities and drawings for a community centre  building to be built in Cavan. The contract is a standard GCCC short public works contract PW-CF6. Retention on the contract is 10%.  The duration for the project is 12 months. The main contractor is subcontracting the entire project except for management. As the Quantity Surveyor for the main contractor with responsibility for this project, using the attached BOQ, drawings and other documentation – you are asked to provide the following:

  • A Procurement Schedule for what you have decided are the main subcontract packages on the project ensuring that the full scope of work is covered. Common sense and experience should inform your decision on what subcontractor type should complete what part of the project. Give each package a start date and finish date within the confines of 12 months You can use the procurement schedule template provided on Brightspace.  .
  • A Cash-flow forecast or S-Curve with backup info for the project, using the start and finish dates used on the procurement schedule, backup should illustrate how the monthly totals were calculated.                                                                


The role of the Commercial Manager / Contractors Quantity Surveyor requires a skillset and series of inherent competencies integral to the successful commercial management of a given project

The following list summarises the inherent competencies:

  • Logical thinking
  • Analytical ability
  • Numerical skills
  • QS technical skills and knowledge
  • Ability to negotiate and communicate
  • Problem Solving ability
  • Team Player.

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