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Jan 13, 2022

For this assessment criterion, you will be required to evidence progress towards the team and personal work objectives. At least one method should involve a group effort while another can reflect an individuals achievements or success story as well if they choose so.

The first requirement of this assessment criterion is a task that echoes a team achievement. The second requirement entails an accomplishment that has been carried out by one individual or a small group.

Individual/Team Feedback, Supervision, And Appraisal

You can evidence your progress by using team meeting minutes, supervision forms, and appraisals. You will need to show that you addressed the needs in these documents with conversation outcomes as well as any achievements or milestones achieved while working for this company or team. If you completed any reports or projects that reflect your work performance, you could include these documents as well to evaluate the individual and team progress.

Individual/Team Observations Formal And Informal

As an observation becomes more formal, the tone of voice should be professional. However, you will need to document them so that evidence can be provided in case there are any discrepancies or issues later on down the road  which is why its important not only with team observations but also with individual ones as well. You can download a free template off the internet for this purpose.

As an observation becomes more formal, you should also be using a stopwatch or alarm clock to time the activities if they are not being recorded on video. In addition, observing skills can range from completing checklists for compliance to role-playing and practicing interpersonal communication styles. The goal is to help the person to become aware of their performance so that they can learn from it and move on.

Auditing Processes And Procedures

Audits can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your current operations. Theyre also an effective way to improve how you work if team objectives relate specifically towards improving certain aspects like processes or procedures. For example, you may wish to conduct an audit of a particular process first before implementing a new system.

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