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Jun 08, 2023
The materials for the first two units of the course (weeks 1 and 2) have covered aspects of the period of US history from 1865-1920, focusing on Reconstruction, US overseas expansion, the Progressive Era, and new immigration patterns.
Based on the assigned readings for these two units, which aspect of this history have you found most relevant for your understanding our contemporary world (the world as you have experienced it in your lifetime)?
You may choose a specific event, or you might choose a longer-term process or concept, or theme you see in the readings. Whatever you choose, you must clearly connect the material from these two units to what you see as its contemporary relevance. While you may choose to use outside materials, you are being graded primarily on the discussion of the assigned course materials. Failure to engage with these materials will result in a lower grade.
Essays must have a clear introduction that establishes the specific focus and its relevance for understanding our contemporary world. You should also in this introduction highlight the specific sources you’re drawing on for your discussion.
Each main idea or claim of the essay should be developed in a separate paragraph. There is no magic number of paragraphs required, but each essay should be broken up into multiple paragraphs.
Essays must have a separate conclusion paragraph that discusses the bigger picture relevance for why you see this material as relevant for our contemporary world.
All source material must be cited appropriately. Students may choose between
APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style systems.
Source material must be cited both in text (with parenthetical citations or footnotes)
and in a full works cited list.
Each time you use information from a source (a detail, an example, quotes, specific
interpretation), you must provide an in text citation that provides the relevant page numbers (if there are page numbers).
Academic Integrity Reminders:
Students submitting work for grading must adhere to the University’s academic
integrity policies. Any unacknowledged and uncited use of another entity’s ideas or words is plagiarism under University policy and will result in a 0 for the assignment. Any use of AI software and apps is fabrication under University policy and will result in a 0 for the assignment. Violations of academic integrity policies will be referred to the Dean of Student


Phases of Reconstruction
1. Wartime Reconstruction
2. Presidential Reconstruction
3. Radical Reconstruction,1867-1877

For additional historical background and more in-depth discussion of these topics, check out Chapters 15, 17, 18 ,19 and 20. This material may be especially helpful


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