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Jan 20, 2022
    • When writing your journals, you can choose either of the following options depending on your current circumstance:

    1.Reflect on New Learning Experience from your Current Practice or Previous Work Experiences at the end of life care.
    2.Reflect on New Learning and Knowledge gained from studying the course or personal experiences and observations from caring for a family member/relative in end-of-life care.

    • Your Journals will be assessed on evidence of reflection of the following:

    Reflection on knowledge and awareness of the structure and organization of palliative care and the role played by the multidisciplinary team.
    Comprehensive account of the role of the support worker within palliative care.
    Effective reflection on personal observations, knowledge, and understanding of attitudes to death and dying.
    Clear awareness of the need to treat others with respect and sensitivity.

    • You are required to write seven journals; the reflective journals will address the following key areas:

    Journal One:Reflect on your knowledge and awareness of the structure and organization of palliative care, the services provided, and the role of the multidisciplinary team in meeting the needs of clients at end of life.
    Journal Two:Reflect on the role of the family within the area of palliative care and the diversity that exists.
    Journal Three:Reflect on a range of effective interpersonal skills required by you the care worker, when working in the palliative care area, in meeting the clients needs and being sensitive to the needs of the clients family/next of kin.
    Journal Four:Reflect on the importance of effective communication within the area of end-of-life care, examining your strengths, challenges encountered and areas you feel you can improve on.
    Journal Five:Describe a reflective account of your understanding of the bereavement process and the individual patterns of grief experienced by clients and families.
    Journal Six:Reflect on attitudes to death and dying within todays society in relation to end-of-life care include personal experience and feelings.
    Journal Seven:Reflects on your role as a support worker in promoting key issues such as dignity, respect, privacy, quality care, cultural awareness, and self-esteem of clients at end of life.

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